What is dtems?

Dtems (Dale Technology Educational Management Systems) is a complete school administration system covering all aspects of school activities. dtems eliminates the need for the schools to have multiple systems.  This avoids the duplication of data and saves the school time and money.  As dtems is a fully comprehensive system no extra manpower is required.

Dtems can be accessed in a secure manner by staff and parents providing them with detailed information with the click of a button.

Key Benefits
  • Removes the need for a paper-bound administrative process
  • Provides a secure Parental Website
  • Keeps parents informed of news and activities through automated Weekly Newsletter
  • Centralised Whole School Administration System – Class lists, Student Photographs, Class Records, Timetables, etc
  • Timetables can be created or removed at the click of a mouse
  • State of the art electronic reports system ensures meaningful school reports without the hassle associated with the traditional paper approach
  • Easier management and measurement of absenteeism
  • Keeps track of attendance at Excursions and Sporting Events – simplifying the whereabouts of every student during the school/college day
  • Ability to send SMS texts to a student’s parent/guardian advising them of their son/daughter’s absence – keeping truancy under control
  • Communication Centre enabling the school to inform parents of upcoming events by SMS/E-mail
  • Admissions system to store details of prospective students
  • Highlights student patterns of behaviour including lateness, detention, missing homework etc
  • Allows the parent/guardian to update their contact information via parental website – ensuring the school/college records are always accurate

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